What’s the CEU Program?

We are working on creating an online continuing education certificate program for working veterans and their families.  This program will be a significant educational opportunity for social workers, nurses, and other professionals who interact with veterans and their families on a daily basis, but don’t work in the VA system.  Additionally, this program will be available nationally.  Community practitioners will gain valuable knowledge and skills in understanding military culture, working with those who have PTSD or a traumatic brain injury, as well as learning about and accessing resources available to our veterans.

Learning content created for this program will also be employed in our academic program.  These modules would be delivered either in-person or online.  Additionally, we could expand the content within the certificate program to offer a more in-depth educational experience.

Developing online content for this program will cost approximately $30,000.  These funds will go towards the development of the curriculum by content experts, as well as for the instructional designer to create the online content for this program.  It will go a long way in establishing the foundation for the curriculum for a track on Military and Veteran’s services in the master’s social work program.